Alright Dads, the Jig is Up!

As I blearily opened one eye to read my email on my iPhone this morning, I was excited to find that my Google alerts had caught this delightful article outlining what we ladies have suspected for a while: that men are hard-wired for parenthood just like women.

Without getting too science-y, the article describes how testosterone-oriented behaviors can interfere in childrearing, and that men who spend the most time taking care of their kids have the lowest levels of testosterone. Basically, this means that when it comes time to care for the kids, it’s not just women who adjust to the changes- men adapt too.

By itself, I would have thought this article was interesting, but probably would not have necessarily felt the need to share. But since reading it this morning, it seems as though this idea is EVERYWHERE. Maybe it just crawled into my brain and affected the way I saw everything today, but I could swear there were more dads in the SittingAround twitter feed, which lead to reading more Dad Blog posts. This one, which made me smile at how well it illustrated the science, is a personal favorite today: The Joys of Fatherhood

And then came the Johnson and Johnson commercial. The adorable baby, dad, and frog filled ode to family time:

So men, we were already on to you, but now we can prove it! I think this means we’re going to be seeing a lot more dad-oriented, kid products and entertainment in the future, too. Have you seen any? Share! Especially if it’s really cute…we like it when it’s really cute. 

  • Softball_14_love

    My husband and daughter are like best friends even though she is one. When he isn’t working they are always together! He will take her while I to run errands just because he wants to spend time with her and they are cuddle buddies at night.

  • Sitting Around

    Aww, that’s so nice! Thanks for sharing 🙂