Cool Baby and Kid Products

Curious as to what all the hype was about, I recently joined Pinterest. And, wow, this Pinterest thing is addictive! I’ve found myself oohing and ahhing over all the adorable baby clothes and cool kid products on there. My 6 year old has even gotten into it, peering over my shoulder, shouting “Click that one, Mommy! Ooh, now click that one!” (Thanks to Pinterest, he’s got his heart set on a bed made entirely of Legos.)

Here are some of my favorite baby clothes and kids’ products, courtesy of Pinterest:

Timely, given the recent Tooth-Fairy debacle in my house:

Source: via Carina on Pinterest

We do this craft a lot — fun and super easy to make your own rainbow crayons:


I know it’s for kids, but I kind of (okay, REALLY) want this bunk bed!

Source: via Ali on Pinterest

Much better than those hard, slippery baby tubs.


So cute.


A stylish approach to baby gates.


Love the whale art for a nursery.


Cute idea for father’s day.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest


Angry Birds kick balls. No explanation necessary, I think.


Baby shower perfection.


Lorax costume. Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!


Inspiring Dr. Seuss Quotes — Really uplifting.



Source: via Julie on Pinterest