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Columbia Christian Parents

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Zip Code 29223
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Our goal:

To support each other as families by sharing babysitting responsibilities between Christian parents who are in need of childcare.

To provide for our kids care that we trust and enjoy by finding Christian parents who are like minded in their desire to raise their children in a Christ-centered environment and who are committed to instilling in their children a desire to obey the truths of the Bible and to walk close to God.

To give ourselves time that we need to take care of business and have fun.


Must be a Christian.

Must live in or around the Columbia area.

This coop is open to parents with children of any age.

It is recommended that each member use the Co-op at least once in one month.

How to Join

As Christians in the Columbia area, we probably will know each other and won't need to have social events, house visits, etc.
Let's agree to be respectful of one another. Let's also agree to have fun with the coop!

If you have close friends that you would trust your child with and would like to be included in this coop, please invite them to join.

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