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Dalby Babysitting Co-op

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Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 4405
Members 2
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The Dalby Babysitting Co-op is a group of Mums helping Mums.

Earn babysitting points when other children come over to play with your children. Spend babysitting points when you need a sitter -- for any reason.

We have monthly Co-op meetings to meet & greet, discuss co-op business, and enjoy grown-up conversations. Attendance by all members is required. No children.

Weekly, we have our Park, Picnic and Playgroup social event. Mums and children eat, chat, and play.

Message the Moderator for more information.


Membership is open to single or coupled parents, carers, and guardians in Dalby with children 12 years old and younger. We are a non-smoking group.

How to Join

1 - Sign up at

2 - Request to join the Dalby Babysitting Co-op.

3 - Look through the upcoming events and make plans to come, meet other mums, and introduce yourself.

Future members must attend at least 1 monthly meeting and at least 2 Park, Picnic and Playgroups. These are opportunities for you and your children to meet the other members and their children.

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