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Yaletown Parents Co-op

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Zip Code V6B 8P5
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This is a Vancouver community babysitting co-op to provide parents relief when needed, without having to spend extra money!

There's nothing more frustrating than having a nice meal with your partner, coming home and having to shell out an extra $40 to your babysitter.

This is a wonderful way to meeting parents in your neighborhood and receive free babysitting. You receive "points" for when you babysit other children and you spend "points" whenever you use a sitter.

All you have to do is sign up!



* Parent of child from 12 months - 6 years old
* Must meet organizer to confirm you are a parent and to meet your child/ren.
* Must live within 3 miles of Yaletown

How to Join

* Sign up on this website
* Meet organizer and/or group

Once the group grows, I'd love to have a Coop Meeting/Gathering, so everyone can meet each other. This is supposed to make things easier for us, as parents, so anything we can do to make that happen, let's do it!

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