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Oakville Co-Op

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Oakville Coop is intended to allow parents and caregivers the ability to 'share' babysitting between each other using an accumulated points system. We can also have sitters or nannies register that we use and trust, to give parents access to paid child care.

Our current culture in the Oakville area doesn't typically include large, extended families. This can make parenting in the modern world quite isolating. A babysitting coop is groups of neighbours and friends who trade childcare, like an adopted extended family.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child..

Sitters can take bookings online. Display your availability, so you get work when you want it. Collect your references in one place. Find babysitting jobs near you.


The following individuals are eligible:

-parents/guardians of a child or children of any age
-other caregivers and childcare providers such as nannies, au pairs, and sitters
-individuals within the Oakville region

How to Join

Prospective members:

The only requirement is that you either need or can offer sitting, you respect all forum members as equals, behave ethically, and report any instances of unsafe or criminal behaviour to the moderator(s).

We may have potlucks or social engagements a few times a year to allow for networking and community building amongst our members and attendance at at least one function per year is recommended to maintain coop membership.

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