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I discovered this site and thought it sounded like a terrific idea. Whether you call it a coop or a babysitting tree once we are established we will have a group of families who can call on eachother for babysitting and emergency situations. My home is kid friendly. We enjoy doing crafts, baking, watching the occasional movie, reading,playing games, drawing. In summer we have a big fenced safe backyard for children to play filled with toys. We like to eat healthy but aren't fanatic about it. We like to bike ride, vacation. all the normal things ALaskan families enjoy doing. We live in the OCeanview area but figured including Hillside area and the surrounding southside might help us find more families to meet and trade with.
if you are from out of the area but like this idea, please join. I am looking to find families that maybe want an occasional night out and I would want the same. I am also looking for nice families that would serve as an extended family in case of certain situations and i would like to be available to your family in that way as well. who knows. friendships might develop. :)
if you are interested in getting to know my family and exploring the idea of childcare coop, please e-mail me. thank you.


I think this can be open to anyone. My children are in the age range of 2-5 but I am open to older and younger children.
I would figure this would go smoother if you are someone with reliable transportation. I am also looking for nice, honest people who are good with kids and like to reciprocate. meaning when it is your turn to babysit you give it your all.

How to Join

Please contact me so we can discuss what it is you are looking for in a coop. I would thing that an initial meeting out in the community or by telephone would be a good way to begin; maybe initially with me and person contacting me about this coop. After that I would imagine we would meet eachother's spouse and/ or children. This coop is not limited to married people. you are welcome if you are single of course. I would ask that you be someone who is flexible, has an open mind and good values. I am looking for a community of folks to share childcare with and get to know. I know it is so much nicer to go out on a date for instance, or out to do errands or to the theatre and know your kids are having fun too and are well cared for and that at the end of the night you don't have to shell out a wad of cash to the babysitter because with the coop we trade babysitting services. I think it is just a fabulous idea. so let's take it from here. if anyone has good ideas about our oceanview/hillside coop, I am open to all suggestions so please join and let's get this started!

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