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Coronado Historic Neighborhood Childcare Co-op

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Hi my name is Angela Koerschner, and I am a Mom in the Coronado District. We are on a very limited income and childcare is crazy expensive.

I know there are other Parents who work from home and are struggling to make it work with kids actually being around. Some moms just need a break! At the suggestion of another Coronado Mom,( Thanks Sarah!), I have decided to organize this co-op.

The amount of free childcare time depends on the amount of families we have sign up. If we have at least five families (one each for M,T,W,Th,F) you would have 4 work days covered in exchange for one day of watching kiddos. 10 families = 9 work days/1 child watch day. If the co-op becomes large enough we may have to have multiple parents help on certain days to cover the amount of children.


Parents must reside in Coronado Neighborhood. Must be willing to swap child care and take on time, which will vary on how many families are involved in the co-op. Must have your house safe for multiple children. Must provide diapers, wipes, and food or pitch in for food on days your children are being watched. If children need to be disciplined, hitting, spanking or other forms of violence are not acceptable. You will treat all children and parents in co-op with respect.

( This is a very general guideline, as I am quickly forming this co-op. After we officially meet we can all decide on eligibility requirements as a group )

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Send Angela Koerschner an email for further details. (

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