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Sitting Around Tucson

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Sitting Around Tucson is a babysitting cooperative for great parents who need childcare but can't (or won't) pay the high cost of childcare. This group allows parents to seek out a fellow parent to babysit in exchange for points. The babysitter may use the points to "pay" for childcare for their own children.


This group is open to any good, morally-sound, drug-free parent with no history of neglect or abuse. Membership in the group requires references and a home visit to ensure the safety of all of our children (and peace of mind for the parents). Children may be any age.

How to Join

In order to join Sitting Around Tucson, a parent must complete a membership application which will provide basic contact information, family member profiles, and character references. The parent must host a home visit for at least 3 other members and post a family and home photo on their profile page.

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