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Sitter Co-Op of Davis-Monthan

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The Co-Op of Davis-Monthan is for people directly affiliated with Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

We will be offering sitter swapping with fair rules so that everyone has a chance to utilize this service without feeling taken advantage of.

Many of us have to make the decision to have a date night, do some holiday shopping or go to appointments with our children because sitters can be a bit expensive. I am hoping that this becomes a great tool to both save money and to get some of that personal time that we all need, without feeling overwhelmed with finding a sitter.


If you are directly affiliated with Davis-Monthan Air Force Base as an A.D (active duty) member, Dependent, Retired (with full base access), or Guard/Reserve than you may apply.

Family members (who have full base access and do not require a pass) will be eligible on a case by case basis.

How to Join

As of right now, their are no requirements. As we grow, I may implement a way for members to meet one another, thus feeling more comfortable with their children being sat by a "stranger". For the most part, we are a tight knit community as it is. If this changes, we will revise the guidelines.

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