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Moms who surf or dads for that matter. This co op is for the parent who wants to trade a couple hours of kiddie watching time for a couple of hours of well deserved surfing time. Basically we would just trade time. Meet up at the beach and have one another watch each others kids while we go out into the water!


Must be a surfer and have your own children that people can watch. This insures you will not run off with someone's kids... Sounds terrible, but it could happen. phone call, meet up for lunch (with our children) discuss where and when and who gets to surf first.

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This is new to me. I will start by taking e mails and see what happens and how many people join. If we get enough people...and we all start to get to know each other well enough, we could have longer sessions or a whole day out in the water! Once I hit two members which is enough. We can meet up at a park, on the beach or with our kiddos to discuss dates and times. Once we hit ten members we will have a potluck somewhere. Time and place tbd. Hope this works...I'm crossing my surfboards!

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