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Alameda Island Babysitting Co-op (West End)

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Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 94501
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Dear Aspiring Members,

Welcome to Alameda's East End BabySitting Coop. This is a bit of a work in progress, so happy to modify as we learn what works best for the group. Feedback welcome! The thought is to create West and East end Coops for purposes of various practicalities (proximity) ... this can be changed!

The site has a good description of what the coop serves to achieve ... trading babysitting hours for hours (no cash), essentially, using a points system.

Active participation is of course encourged ... this site serves as a tool only. The success of our coop will be determined by how and how often we put it to use!

It is readily understood that each family situation is different, so be sure to clearly communicate any particulars in your profile, such that sitters can know what to expect, or any parameters for purposes of yourself (or parter) as a sitter.

Again, a warm welcome, lets get started!



You live West of Grand St.

How to Join

The only requisit for membership is active participation. The notion is to be all inclusive, which can only translate to active participation by the Coops Membership.

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