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Eastvale Parents Babysitting Co-op

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Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 92880
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Would love to create a co-op 20 members strong. Looking to keep things local around Eastvale and neighboring cities like Chino, Ontario, and Corona/Norco.


Open to families with children under age 18 at this time:
1Parents must leave babysitters with a list of phone numbers: emergency contact(s), doctor's offices and, of course, at least 1 number the parent can be reached at should the sitter need to call.
2If a babysitter calls the parent and asks that the child be picked up, the parent must pick the child up immediately.
3Babysitting time or frequency may be limited according to a set of agreed-upon parameters.
4There is no pressure to agree to a babysitting job if you do not want to take the job - no excuse necessary.
5Late pick-ups result in a currency fine.
6At least 1 parent from each family has to attend each meeting.
7Special circumstances (staying overnight, feeding child a special diet, watching more than 3 siblings at a time, etc.) constitute higher fees (in currency).
8babysitting parties: In this scenario, one family hosts all the children in the group (for a movies and popcorn party or similar) while the rest of the parents get to go out. Families rotate being hosts one or two Saturdays a month or every weekend. This set-up works best when families have children of similar ages, as infants can require more attention than is possible with bigger groups.

How to Join

Prospective members will need to attend a meeting first to see if the co-op is the right fit for your family.
New members will need to fill out membership forms and arrange for a home visit to make sure the house is safe.
New members start with points.

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