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This group was made with families that have an on-call lifestyle in mind.

Have you ever gotten a call and had to frantically find someone to come watch your kids? Or maybe you don't find out about something until the night before, so you have to find someone to take care of your kids the next day! Or sometimes I know we're all in need of a night out!

This Co Op was created in the hopes that we can come together and help one another as working parents while making new friends at the same time. I believe we can all save some money and lower our stress levels by swapping childcare and restoring our sense of community.

If this sounds like something that interests you, please join us!


You are eligible to join if:
You complete a background check to rule out any past history of violence. (free on

You live in the Orange County area

You are willing to accept and trade childcare with families with different lifestyles (Gluten free, Vegetarian, Attachment Parenting, Non-Violent Parenting, Traditional, Non-traditional, etc).

You have a clean driving record and your own dependable transportation

How to Join

Attend a meeting to get to know our community of parents and children

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