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Hello doula community!!!!

Do you really only need childcare when you are off to a birth or a client visit and would like to limit the money spent on nannies?

I created this Co Op in the hopes that we can come together and help one another as working parents while making new friends at the same time. I believe we can all save some money and lower our stress levels by swapping childcare and restoring our sense of community.

As a doula, I find it challenging to employ nannies that are expected to be at my house when a client goes into labor unless I promise a good amount of hours to compensate for their time in between births. I don't have the kind of money to pay for pre-school and continuous nanny care. So I thought, there has got to be some other doulas and/or on-call birth-workers who share the same dilemma...right?

Who wouldn't love a community of "free" trustworthy childcare?

If this sounds like something that would benefit you and your family please join today.


You are eligible to join if:
You complete a background check to rule out any past history of violence. (free on

You are a birth doula or an on-call birth professional

You live in the Los Angeles area

You are willing to trade childcare with other birth professionals

You have a clean driving record and your own dependable transportation

You have an understanding of what a babysitting Coop is

So what is a babysitting cooperative?

A babysitting cooperative (coop) is a group of parents who trade babysitting, taking turns watching each others' kids. Instead of money, parents pay each other with points. SittingAround takes care of the recordkeeping, and makes it easy to request a sitter when you need one.

How to Join

Attend a meeting to get to know our community of parents and children

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