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The Laurel Babysitting Co-op

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The Laurel Babysitting Co-Op is a babysitting co-op for families living on Pampas Avenue and surrounding streets in the Laurel District of Oakland, CA.


Prospective members must reside within a mile of Pampas Avenue. Prospective members on the border may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Homes with firearms/guns are not eligible. Families who smoke cigarettes are not eligible. If a prospective member meets the above criteria, the current membership will vote on the prospective member at the next co-op meeting or via email. 2/3 vote grants admission.

Once members are approved, they should file a signed copy of the New Member Form with the current moderator (who will keep copies of all current member forms on file).

Members are required to have homeowners’ or renters’ liability insurance. No member will utilize the coop or provide services when there is a contagious illness in their home. Sitters may refuse to sit, penalty-free, due to a contagious illness in the requester’s home. The coop may suspend or terminate a member at any time if that member’s home is deemed unsafe. Children and sitters are required to have up-to-date vaccines.

We will have two gatherings each year (roughly every 6 months) to discuss any co-op business (changes to the bylaws, consideration of new members, etc.) and build community with each other.

How to Join

You must know a current Co-op member or attend 2-3 gatherings/get-to-know you events.

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