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San Luis Rey Military Family Co op

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We are a co-op for families in San Luis Rey housing aboard Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base and homes within 1 mile of the SLR gate. We want to keep the group locally compact, so that care swaps are as quick and easy as possible. Please feel free to invite anyone that is eligible for our group!


You need to live in San Luis Rey housing or be within 1 mile of the SLR gate to be considered for membership. Right now, we are also only accepting military families to our group.

How to Join


There will be a few steps involved in order to become a member of the group. We want to be sure that everyone is a good fit and that all members are willing to do at least the bare minimum required by our group and are able to provide a safe environment for everyone's children. This is not a clique and we will not be choosing members subjectively. I want this group to be something people want to join and never want to leave. Drama will not be tolerated.

First, read this whole message. :-) Then, be sure that your profile is **completely** and correctly filled out including the picture. If there are any special needs of your children, please put that in the "information for sitters" section. Be sure to have a phone number and email in the contact section.

Secondly, I will contact you via email to touch base and let you know that we have gotten your request. You can look at the events page and RSVP for the upcoming prospective member meet up that you are able to attend.

Then, you come to the play date with your children and meet everyone! After the date, there will be a vote in the co-op on who they want to add to the group. There will need to be a valid reason for not including a family. There will need to be a 3/4 majority to include. Once a family is voted in, another member or myself will come over and do a home check to make sure everything looks safe and in agreement with our requirements which you will be given via email before you even come to a meet up.

Please contact me if you have any questions! I am really looking forward to meeting everyone!

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