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AV Moms Babysitting Co-op

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I've created this group to get moms of the AV an opportunity to trade babysitting services. Need a night out with your man, a pedicure, a few hours to clean your house child free, a nap?? Haha. Ya, we all do! Babysitters are hard to find and most of all EXPENSIVE! Let's help each other out! I've invited a list of moms I know and trust in the AV. If I've missed anyone let me know! Send me any feedback! They say it takes a village, right? I'm thinking post how many kids you have, date and times you need a sitter and anyone can respond to help out knowing that the favor will be returned when they need it. Simple! Let's try and make this work!


Any child up to 10 years old.
Live within the Antelope Valley.
Must be a trusted friend of a member

How to Join

I'm planning on having a meet and greet at my house sometime in October so we can establish some by-laws and discuss a point system that will work for everyone.

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