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Hi, my name is Cheri and I am starting a babysitting co-op for Fountain-Ft Carson and Widefield/Security. Anyone from South Colorado Springs (or in the 80911 zip code that is named as Colorado Springs for postal reasons)is welcome to join. I am a licensed child care facility by day and often have spots available to help someone who needs only hourly care and not every day. Rather than charge for hourly care, I am offering my services free of charge in exchange for hourly care for my children. Anyone who wishes to contact me can do so via phone 719-472-4126. If we get enough people wanting to exchange care, we can meet and exchange numbers with everyone and discuss how we can make this co-op work.


We are open to anyone from Southern Colorado Springs (80906) all the way to Fountain and Fort Carson.

Parents of all ages Infant up to age 12 are accepted. All potential sitters MUST agree to undergo a criminal background check UNLESS they happen to be licensed child care providers, licensed teachers/coaches, medical workers, etc.

Prefer parents who have more than one or two children because let's face it, many of us struggle to find care BECAUSE we have 3+ children.

Note: BECAUSE I still do paid child care, I cannot offer my services for more than hourly care. Remember, we're not in this to do everyday services while you work/attend school, just as needed (i.e. emergency care because your provider is sick, on vacation, you want to go out on a date, have an appointment, those kinds of things)Regularly needed child care (ex: M-F for work) is a paid service.

How to Join

All you have to do is contact me via phone and let me know exactly what your needs are, ages of your children and I'll try to match you with myself or other people in the group who have similar needs.

All participating members must agree to the following:

*Sit at least once per month
*If agree to a job, do not back out without a real verifiable reason (i.e. hospital, death in the family, family emergency) without 24 hours notice.
*Agree to meet once every few months in a gathering to get to know one another
*Agree to exchange phone numbers prior to meeting and have actual phone interviews (no texting) before leaving your child/expecting children in care. We do not allow addresses to be posted online, so you MUST agree exchange that information at the time of accepting a job
*Arrange care fairly and only as needed. We don't want one person doing 30 hours of care for the people they exchange with but not getting 30 hours of care in return.

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