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Gunbarrel Estates Co-Op

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All interested parents of young children in the Gunbarrel Estates and surrounding Gunbarrel neighborhood's are welcome to join the GE Babysitting Co-op.

The babysitting Co-op has been operating in the neighborhood for more than 30 years, as a way for parents to trade points instead of money for childcare.

Besides being free and allowing you some free time from your children either for work or play, the benefits of using the Co-op are many: the convenience and peace of mind of having your child watched by an adult in your neighborhood, the development of friendships between your child and neighborhood children he/she might not otherwise meet until reaching school age and the development of friendships for yourself with other Cooperative members.

Contact Danielle Zaitzew for more information on joining at


Live in Gunbarrel Estates or a surrounding Gunbarrel Neighborhood

You are willing to sit and contribute to the group as much as you will use it.

You are willing to sit in your own home or another member's home, as mutually agreed upon.

You are willing to attend meeting three times a year.

You agree not to use corporal (physical) punishment on any member's children in your care.

You are willing to disclose when ask about firearms in the home and have firearms in a locked and secure place while sitting.

How to Join

***When joining please provide Emergency Contact, Pediatrician with phone number, Hospital Preference, Important Medical Information regarding your children, Allergies and if vaccinations are up to date. ****

To join the Gunbarrel Estates Co-op all you have to do is sign up on the Sitting Around website once you receive an invitation from another Co-op member. This is a free service if you choose to tell a friend and do not mind advertising on the website. Note; the advertising is minimal. Should you choose not to "tell a friend" or no not want the advertising displayed there is a fee of $15 per year.

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