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Louisville/ Lafayette Playdates for Parents

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This Coop is to help connect parents in the East Boulder area to each other so that parents can help each other out with Babysitting (which will feel like play dates for the kids). The plan is for kids to have fun having play dates and Parents to "get a break" when they need it.


I have not set geographic boarders for this Coop but for the sake of simplicity I'm suggesting we start with Louisville and Lafayette families so parents don't have to drive too far.

How to Join

For now this Coop is by invitation only, by Helen Trajtenberg so if I think you are cool you are in :). But Seriously, I will be inviting friends and going from there. It is not open to people who log onto this site unless they have been invited by me.

Once we have interested members, we will have a meeting and all members will agree to the bylaws and sign a membership agreement.


Coop is not accepting new members at this time
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