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My husband and I are looking to get out a little bit as a couple and we are always looking to save a little $ too so a coop was born... Welcome.


We are all so spread out by our choice to live in the mountains so I thought we could have a somewhat defined area so we don't end up driving all over the place, hence the Pine/Conifer area. You were all invited to this coop because I have met you through MOPS or because I know you outside of MOPS and we could all use a little sanity. I think a good group size would be about 12 so if you want to join do so and if you have a suggestion for a member let know.

How to Join

To join, register at and do a search for the coop by the zip code (80470). I will then set up a face to face meeting soon so we can all meet eachother in person and we will go from there. Please send me an email and let me know if you are going to sign up or not. Thanks a ton.
Katie Rapp

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