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Sitting Around in North Wilmington

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Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 19803
Members 11
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Sitting Around in North Wilmington is for members of the existing group "New Castle County Mommy & Me" who are interested in helping each other get some kid-free time to enjoy a night out, or even just a quiet trip to the grocery store.


Active members in good standing of the group "New Castle County Mommy & Me" who live in the north Wilmington DE area and are sponsored by an existing Co-op member.

How to Join

It is important for all parents in this Co-op to know each other and our children. Join "New Castle County Mommy & Me" on and get to know us by becoming an active member. If our playgroup is the right group of women for you to turn to for friendship and support, ask an existing babysitting Co-op member to sponsor you, and provide your email address. Once accepted you'll receive an invitation to join by email. Please know that the process is not to keep anyone out, but to ensure that all Co-op members know each other and their children reasonably well. This gives our Co-op the best chance to succeed.

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