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Barry Law Student Babysitting Co-Op

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Private babysitting co-op for Barry Law students who need babysitting in order to attend classes or school related activities.

Our co-op works on a point system. You earn points when you sit for another Barry Law student, and you spend points when another Barry Law student sits for you.

Points are calculated, and typically based on number of children and number of hours.

We want to make sure our Barry Law students succeed. Being a law student is very challenging; raising children while attending law school takes that challenge to another level. By becoming a part of this babysitting co-op, we can lean on each other, and help one another to successfully make it through law school.


Barry University School of Law Students Only.

How to Join

Must be a student currently enrolled at Barry University School of Law. Please join with your Barry Law email.

Once you enter your information, choose the financial aid plan.

Send a message to the moderator for further details.

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