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Maui Babysitting Coop

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Aloha! Welcome to the Maui Babysitting Cooperative! The Co-Op is a group of parents on Maui that trade "points" for babysitting hours. Sitting Around is the website that manages the point system and Sit requests and offers. Therefore, Maui Babysitting Co-Op is just a forum for members to unite parants. There is a New Member Contract and set of By-Laws provided to help protect you and your children. Please read through it and sign the contract before trading points. You my need to "join" through group to view the details of the co-op, but it is easy to "leave the group" if you dont feel it is right for you. The Co-op can also email you the documents if you "contact the moderator" by clicking the button below.


The Maui Babysitting Co-op is open to all parents on Maui.

How it Works:
Each member is given 10 points to start with when they join! You will recieve 2 pt for each child/hour and 1 point for each additional child/hour that you Sit for.
For Eample: If you need a Babysitter on Wed from 10a-12p, you will post a Request. Any member can post an Offer to Sit for you. You may receive more than one offer. You may accept or decline any offer. When they Sit for your child(ren), you will transfer the points to them on this website. This still gives the parent the option to choose who Sits for their children. Some members may trade services with many other members, some may stay with just a few that they know well. There will be opportunities (meetings and social events you have the option to attend) so that you may meet other families. There are other ways to earn points as well. You may only earn and use points after you sign the New Member Contract. We have also set up a private Facebook group for the Maui Babysitting Coop that you may participate in once you are a member.

How to Join

Please submit a request to "join" the Maui Babysitting Co-op. You may meet us at a social event if you would like to meet families and get information before you join. We will post our monthly meetings and any social events on the site, or you may contact the moderator for more information and questions.

The first information gathering and playgroup is set for Friday May 31 from 10:00am-11:30am at Kalama Beach Park in Kihei. We will be by the swings and playground. Anyone is invited to come to this event.

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