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Northside Babysitting Coop

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The Northside Babysitting Co-op was founded by a group of families who wanted to meet other parents in the community and who would be willing to exchange babysitting. We are located in Chicago and membership fluctuates between 25-35 families. The Co-op provides member families access to a pool of up to 70 adult babysitters at no cost. Beyond babysitting, the Co-op serves as a support system. As one longtime member explained, - “The Co-op helps make a large city seem a little smaller and much more livable for families with children.” Beyond the countless hours of free sitting that she and her husband have enjoyed, they have formed several close friendships with fellow Co-op members. Membership in the Co-op is limited to a maximum of 35 families to ensure a sense of true community.

- “We joined when our oldest was 6 months old, and she’s now 9 ½. At first, it was a very comforting source for babysitting, knowing that these were experienced parents taking care of an infant. Now we have three girls with busy schedules, and it’s a great fill-in for when we have an event our youngest is too little to attend, or when we have teacher conferences or something that only lasts an hour, and it would be hardly worth it for a babysitter to come for one hour’s pay.”, Raves one longtime Co-op member.


The Co-op hosts bi-monthly social gatherings that afford member families an opportunity to get to know their prospective babysitters. Members are required to attend at least one out of every three meetings. In the modern urban environment where it’s not safe for young children to play outside unsupervised and neighbors don’t always get to know one another, these six meetings per year are valued by Co-op members as a way of building a sense of community. - “I really appreciate getting to know the other parents, especially seeing how they interact with their kids and other families’ kids before making a decision as to whom I might want to babysit for my child,” remarks one Co-op mom.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining, contact our Co-op coordinator at No one is permitted to join the Co-op without first attending a meeting. At the meeting, you will have the opportunity to get to know other members and ask any questions you may have about the Co-op.

Joiner fee is one-time $10.00, and $15/year for website membership.

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