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Scott Sitter Swap is for the Scott AFB community.

Parents.. is it hard for you to get a babysitter because paying for a sitter costs way more than your night out? maybe you're hesitant because you just cant find anyone you trust? we ALL need a date night, a night out, a night to cram for a big test.. well here is the co-op for you. When a parent is interested in joining the sitter swap, they will attend a meeting and then be interviewed by a moderator prior to becoming actively available for sits.

So how does this work you ask??
You earn points for every job that you sit. As you earn these points, you may then turn around and "buy" another approved and screened sitter within the coop using those previously earned points. No money spent! :)


You must have an affiliation with Scott AFB to become a member and must have access to Scott AFB with your own government issued ID card. You must have a child and/or children and be willing to participate in a in-home interview. You must also attend a monthly parent meeting.

How to Join

Attend the Scott Sitter Swap parent info night (date to be determined) Fill out an application and turn in dues. Dues are $15.00 per YEAR. (this sure beats paying a sitter each time you want to go out) The annual fee will assist in paying for our monthly parent meeting refreshments which will be provided at each meeting.

Meetings are required because we want to know who will be keeping our kids from time to time, this will allow us all to get on a more personal level and help ease the uncertainty. This will also give us a chance to discuss goals and continue to develop as a co-op

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