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Skokie Babysitting Coop

Quick Info

Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 60076
Members 9
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We are excited to begin this new babysitting coop in the town of Skokie. We look forward to getting to know our neighbors, making new friends, and having a lot more nights out on the town!


Families who live in Skokie, IL with children of any age

How to Join

1) Request invitation to join from the Coordinator and attend an initial Co-op meeting.
2) Maintain an up-to-date on-line profile on

3) Attend one Co-op meeting to join, thereafter at least one meeting out of every three.

4) Volunteer to host a meeting once every two years.
5) Pay Dues of $10 (to cover website costs, etc.), to be assessed upon joining the Co-op and then up to once per year on an as-needed basis at a time determined by the Co-op

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