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Greenwood/Southside Child Care Co-Op

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Zip Code 46142
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This is a child care co-op serving Greenwood and the southside area of Indianapolis.

A child care co-op is a free community initiative where families share child care responsibilities with each other. This is a free service and is a great way to keep family child care a community effort.

Here is how it works: when you need a child care provider, you will post in the group the days and times you need a sitter. Someone else in the group will offer their service (for free). In turn, you will offer child care to someone (it doesn't have to be the same person) on a day you are available. The co-op is based on a points system to keep it fair.

Thanks for your interest! Here's to quality, affordable, COMMUNITY care for our children!


To join our co-op, you MUST pass the free background check offered on this site.

You must also live in Greenwood, Beech Grove, or southside Indianapolis.

How to Join

Right now, we are in open enrollment. We will be setting up a meet-and-greet soon. Once we have our initial meeting, new members will have to be agreed upon by the whole group.

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