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KC Metro Childcare Exchange

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This is a childcare co op that was created for KC metro area parents. Parents agree to provide free childcare in exchange for free childcare.

Babysitting cooperatives (or coops) are community-based groups of parents who swap childcare services with one another. Instead of exchanging cash, members simply exchange sitting for sitting. Coops make sure everything nets out equitably by tracking points.

You get points when you sit for someone else, and you spend points when others are sitting for you. The Johnsons can sit for the Browns, the Browns can sit for the Smiths, and the Smiths can sit for the Johnsons. Because you are part of a group, you never have to worry about reciprocating directly with those sitting for you - eventually, it all gets around.

Every time you provide childcare for another coop member, you receive points.


A parent within the KC metro area. Providing childcare exchange from birth- 12 years.

How to Join

Please tell a little about yourself and the children that will be participating in the exchange. Thank you.

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