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Greater Portland Flock

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Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 04101
Members 7
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This group connected through the fabulous Birth Roots center. We are a group of parents who try our best to follow a path of natural parenting. This coop seeks members interested in finding trustful, gentle care givers while running errands, having a date or even just taking a few hours for much needed self care.


In order to join our coop you will need to be known and trusted by another member of the group. We do not set this stipulation to be exclusive but to ensure that the privacy of our families is guarded and respected.

This coop will be capped at 20 families. We currently have 15 spaces available for potential members.

How to Join

Again we only accept members known by someone in our group. If you think you may know someone in the group please send a request to the moderator with those details. Thank you!

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