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Netflix & Childcare means easy after-bedtime babysitting for date nights!

Family A puts their kids to bed, and one parent from Family B comes over to babysit so that Family A gets a night out together!

The "babysitter" from Family B can read a book, watch Netflix, or whatever!


We require one of two things to join the network:

1. A referal from an existing member, or

2. Personally contacting the Moderator via the "JPMoms" group in

While not officially affiliated with the JPMoms bigtent group, this coop relies on membership in that group because of its great system of membership management.

How to Join

Step 1: click "request to join" below to request membership in the babysitting network.

Step 2: Mention who refered you, OR

Step 2: send a message to Gumby the sitter-moderator via the JPMoms bigtent group to confirm your identity and JPMoms-cred. His bigtent profile is here:

(Reminder: this network is NOT officially affiliated with the bigtent JPMoms group, but I am using your membership in that group to confirm your identity.)

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