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We all love our kids. But there are times when wee have to leave our kids with a sitter (work, for example), and times when we'd just like to get out for a little while, kid-free (a date, or even a quiet, no-requests-for-toys shopping trip).

A good babysitting coop can help your family in ways that traditional daycares and babysitters cannot. Here are just a few:

1) No-cost childcare.
Imagine what you can do with the money you'd save on traditional childcare.

2) Care provided by people you trust.
Coop members are other parents, interviewed and added at the founder's and/or group's discretion, which means a higher level of trust.

3) Make new friends.
Maybe you're new in town. Maybe you
don't have mom-friends with children the same age as yours. A coop can help you meet people with like-aged children, which gives you something to talk about right off the bat. These groups can be a great way to expand your circle of friends.

Everyone has different reasons for choosing a babysitting coop. No matter what yours is, we look forward to hearing from you !


In order to ease the stress of packing up kids extra early just to get where your going on time, at this time we are currently accepting members within the Jackson, MN city limits. However, if members feel that an applicant would make a great addition to the group, and don't mind a little extra travel, rural families may eventually be accepted.

If you are rural, please feel free to discuss your situation with us, and we will try to work with you if it works for the group.

We do require personal references.

We do perform in-person interviews, and a safety check of your home.

We do not, under any circumstances, accept families that keep guns in their home. (This is not a political issue, but a safety issue. We simply do not feel we can count on safety in homes that have guns.)

How to Join

If you would like to be considered for our coop, please email, text or call. Arragements can then be made to meet.

The sittingaround website allows a great and easy way to keep track of "sits" and "sit requests," at a very reasonable rate (less than one evening of babysitting).

If the group votes to add you as our newest member, we will let you know, and issue you an invitation via this site.

We look forward to hearing from you !

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