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This is a 'village' setting cooperative where kids and adults both do their work. Bring typing, bill paying, reading, knitting, sewing, woodworking, etc. Kids of all ages welcome to interact in a free environment with lots of unscheduled, outdoor, real-life play without many 'toys'. This is less about exchanging care-taking hours for child-care hours, and more about getting work done communally. Though exchanging of hours is possible.


No geographic border, no age requirement, just a similar parenting strategy that is less child-focused. This sounds wrong to many, and does not mean you ignore your children. It touches on the aspect of living in a village setting where parents are working while their children are either helping them, or finding their own entertainment through social interaction and play.

How to Join

Please send a message to the moderator to inquire about openings and other questions. You must attend 1 group play day, be able to make your home accessible to the group, and complete a questionnaire.

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