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Central New Jersey Co-op

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Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 08534
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This co-op will be a way for families to swap caring for their children. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable, trustworthy babysitters and so we are starting the Central NJ Co-op.

The goal is to have a number of members in the Central NJ area who are willing to trade childcare services on a regular basis. Also, various playdates/activities could be arranged so that the families can get to know one another.


This co-op is open to anyone within Central NJ. Children of all ages are welcome. A commitment of at least one exchange a week is required (this can be changed on a case by case basis)

Each parent will have to get a background check through (which is free)and be interviewed by phone or in person.

How to Join

To join, the prospective parent must contact the co-op to answer some initial questions. Then, a play date will be scheduled at the prospective parents' house with an established co-op member.

Final acceptance will be done at co-op meeting.

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