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Sometimes it really does Take a Village to Raise a Child.
I'm creating this for parents in Albuquerque who could use a little help with babysitting. I love the idea of this site, and a neighborhood co-op where parents can trade-off babysitting!
Parents (not just moms) who work full-time, part-time, or stay at home are all welcome! We can set up playdates and meetings as needed so we can get to know each other rather than trusting our kids "with a stranger."


Planning a "date night" without the kiddo(s)?
Just want a peaceful shopping trip?
Need some quiet time to catch up on your soaps?
New to town and looking for other parents who might share common interests?

Whatever your story, or reason for joining, let me know. I'm not associated with any group, church, neighborhood, etc, I'm just looking to meet other parents who share my vision of "It Takes a Village."

How to Join

1. Contact me through this site.
2. I will return your email as soon as I can (most likely within a day).
3. We will determine if & when we should meet (it will be in a public, neutral location).

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