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It takes a village, right?

This group was formed for the fabulous parents and families located in Chantilly and the surrounding areas. Members will take turns watching each other's children in the group. This will be on a point system. Points are earned for watching someone else's child and points are deducted when someone watches your child. In addition to providing hardworking parents a much needed break, this group will also foster relationships between our children and allow them to increase their social circle outside of school and/or their home environments.


1. Prospective members reside in Chantilly, Plaza Midwood or Elizabeth.
2. Prospective members must first meet and be approved by moderators in their home environment.
3. If a prospective member meets the above criteria, the current membership will vote on the prospective member at the next business meeting. Majority vote grants admission.

How to Join

1. Request to join coop through link on SittingAround.
2. Schedule a home visit with co-moderators (Lisa and Corinne).
3. Attend a member meeting (held every other month) to be approved by current membership.
4. Once final approval has been granted, new members will have full access to site and can start requesting and accepting sits.

*** Please Note ***
In order to foster a level of comfort and familiarity between members, the meetings will be held in members' homes. There will be a scheduled rotation in which all members must participate.

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