FM Sitters Coop

Quick Info

Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 58103
Members 6
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New coop in the FM area. Hope new people will join. This will be a great way to get a night out once in a while and an even better way to meet other families and gain new friends!


Anyone in the FM area can join!

If (in the future) we grow to large we could split further into smaller locations or something else.

How to Join

Anyone with interest can join. Once there are more members (or anytime) we can set up a time to meet. Say a restaurant for coffee, or a park with the kids, or something else.

To join the group just do whatever it is that needs to be done online after you've set up your profile and you search for coops. Since there are not any coops currently, I couldn't go through the process of joining one. I would assume it is very simple.

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