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This is a group to share babysitting and childcare among members on an as needed basis, for an afternoon off from the kids, date night on Saturday, or even overnights, if members so choose.

Families of all ages residing in Doylestown (5 mile radius) are welcome to join and use this system. We will meet up occasionally to ensure everyone knows each other and their children.


This coop is open to parents with children of any age, however, we ask that you be open to sitting for children that might be outside of the range that your children are (ie you have a 12 and 10 yr old, but another family has a 2 and 6 yr old).

It is open to families within Doylestown Hunt, as well as to others who are within 5 miles of our community. We prefer that new members be referred by current members, so that a circle of trust can be maintained.

Please note that you will not be expected to drive to babysit for someone outside of Doylestown Hunt, unless that is your choice.

Babysitting is to occur in non-smoking homes only, for protection of the children and the sitter. Please do not apply if there is smoking in your home.

How to Join

Sign up for our coop and then make a point to attend the next social event. It is important that you know your fellow group members and their children prior to using the group. Once you have attended an event (dates TBA), and feel that this group is a fit, and vice versa, you will be invited to join as a full member.

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