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This will be a co-op for the downtown Knoxville and surrounding areas within an approximate 5 mile radius.

We will use an semi-formal value exchange system of signed certificates for each hour of babysitting time. Families can trade these certificates so that everyone is a sitter for their fair share and can find a sitter for their fair share.


The co-op will include Vestal and Island Home, Parkridge and Morningside, Old North Knoxville and Belle Morris and Oakwood, Mechanicsville, Fort Sanders, and Sequoyah Hills as well as some areas around Sutherland.

The co-op will be open to parents with children of all ages, but be considerate and prepared to ask and answer questions.

The co-op is voluntary and based on trust in good neighbors.

How to Join

We will need a bare minimum of ten families to make this start to work effectively. Once we meet the ten-family minimum, we will have a pot luck gathering at some commons area (attendance will be required in order to officially start our co-op). We will share information about our families, our children's needs, and our homes and we will decide on a consistent "barter system" for babysitting time.

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