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Providence Village Babysitting Coop

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Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 76227
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Welcome to the Providence Village Babysitting Coop! We have lived in Providence Village since 2003. We love our neighborhood and most of all we love our neighbors. We started the Providence Village Babysitting Coop so other moms and dads could enjoy a much needed date night or two and parents can have some much needed free time. Also we would like to see the Providence Village kiddos get a chance to play and to get to know each other. We hope the Providence Village Babysitting Coop is a blessing to you and your family!
David, Michelle, Dominic and Lacey


1. Prospective members must reside in Providence Village.
2. Prospective members residing on the 380 Corridor may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
3. Prospective members must agree to a background check and pay the onetime $10.00 per person (adult in household) fee. This fee is to pay for administration costs, background checks etc. Any excess funds will go into the general fund to fund future group events, activities, etc.
4. Prospective members must pass a home visit inspection to be considered for admission. This inspection will be conducted by the current moderator and a co-moderator.
5. If a prospective member meets the above criteria, the current membership will vote on the prospective member at the next business meeting. Majority vote grants admission.

How to Join

How to Join:
*Complete a New Member Contract
*Agree to a house visit upon receiving your application.
*Adhere to the Member Bylaws

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