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Struggling to make ends meet? Need to work nights and weekends, but can't afford childcare - or not crazy about the childcare you can afford?
We all love our kids, and as they develop and grow they need more attention. Whether or not you have an education, trying to get one, or just work nights & weekends - you need help. No one person can raise kids without support. Unfortunately, even in the childcare industry you get what you pay for.
This group is for moms, like myself, that have elementary age children and unconventional working hours. No reason to struggle, we can help each other.


Members wanted with pre-K through 10-year-old children. Child must be healthy, and mom has to watch others children as much as her children are watched, pass a background check, and have a good attitude.
Contact and a meeting will be required, and once we get talking we can see if we click. Looking forward to meeting some awesome ladies and their children.

How to Join

This is new to me, so we'll play it by ear. We will begin with a few weekend playdates, or other 'get-to-know-ya' type events.

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