Plaza Tots

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Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 77018
Members 6
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A babysitting co-op for families in Shepherd Park Plaza and Candlelight Plaza.


The club is limited to 15 families living in the Sheperd Park plaza and Candlelight Plaza with any exceptions to the boundaries voted by a simple majority by the members.

How to Join

Prospective members must be sponsored by current members and must meet membership requirements as follows:
1. No more than 3 children (families with more than 4 children are subject to approval).
2. Prospects must review By-Laws with sponsor. Prospects should also fill out a Who's Who information form which is to be presented at the next meeting.
3. Sponsor must hold introductory Tea with at least four active members present, at which time the By-Law Agreement form will be signed by all present.
4. Sponsor must contact Membership Chairman so she can be present at Tea.

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