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Longview Babysitting Co-op

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Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 75605
Members 2
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This is an effort to help families support one another through sitting services.

It includes the belief that parents should be able to have quality care for their children without financial restriction and those children should have playmates.


1. Must have school-aged children living in Longview.

2. Must be nominated by two other co-op families.

3. Must be willing to request "a sit" and "be a sitter" at least once every two months to remain active in the co-op. You cannot go below 0 hours or accumulate more than 50 hours (50 points).

4. Must agree to attend a First Aid / CPR course, or provide credentials of having attended one.

5. Must be willing to keep your points in the positive or raise them before month's end.

6. Must be willing to provide a basic background check. (A basic background check for each adult residing in the home of potential new members will be provided by incoming members within 30 days of joining and prior to “trading” with others.) Members who have recently moved to Texas may provide a basic background check from the state in which they last lived, former employer, or other legal information source.

7. Must agree to the "no corporal punishment allowed" standard.

8. Must fully complete the member information as requested on this site.

_this list is a work in progress_

How to Join

Submit a request to join along with names of the two member families that are nominating you.

Submit First Aid / CPR credentials if you currently have it.

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