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"MAD-NAB" (Mommies & Daddies Need A Break!)

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The "MAD-NAB" (Mommies And Daddies Need A Break) group is for parents in the Hampton Park, Harper's Mill & surrounding Western Chesterfield neighborhoods. Parents with children of ALL ages are welcome to join & participate, as well as single parents & other primary caregivers.

The purpose of the group is to SWAP TIME helping each other out with part time childcare needs. As a stay-at-home, work-from-home Mommy, I know first hand how difficult it is finding TIME to get anything done when my little ones are around! At the same time, I'd rather not pay a babysitter so I can do my laundry.

With MAD-NAB, Mommies & Daddies can get the break they need (and DESERVE!) by "swapping" time with other local parents. Because the swap is points-based, no one goes broke emptying out their wallet for the sitter! Plus, no one has to commit to ANY babysitting job with ANY particular family or ANY particular schedule. Instead, you EARN points every time you agree to watch someone else's child(ren) in the group & you USE those points when you need someone in the group to watch your child(ren)! It ALL comes back around, so it's even, fair, & best of all...FREE!

In this group, points are based on things like hours, age of the child(ren), & the number of children. If you watch another mother's 2 kids for 2 hours, you might earn 4 points; one point for each child per hour. If you only have 1 child, you might only use 2 of those 4 points you racked up, taking 2 hours of TIME for YOURSELF while another parent helps you out!

Hopefully this group will GROW & become a great way for local parents to get to know one another, children to form new friendships & build their socialization skills, & Moms And Dads to earn some sanity when all they're thinking is, "I Need A Break!"


MAD-NAB is for parents living in the Western Chesterfield area, in or around the Hampton Park subdivision & neighboring communities (Harper's Mill, Fox Creek, Woodlake, Ashbrook, Magnolia Green, etc). Parents with children of ALL ages are welcome to join!

How to Join

New Members of MAD-NAB must go through a brief
"Membership" process to join the group.* This is just to ensure that ALL Members are legitimate, truthful, trustworthy & capable of caring for another Member's child(ren) safely & lovingly. To JOIN MAD-NAB, please complete the following TWO Membership guidelines (*UNLESS you meet the criteria below these guidelines):


1) Submit a short bio about yourself to the Moderator & complete your profile on Basically, we'd like you to introduce yourself to the other Members & tell us a little bit about yourself. (Include info such as how many children you have,their ages, subdivision you live in, types of activities you do with children in your home, etc).

2) Make arrangements to personally meet at least one Active Member (in-person), OR attend one MAD-NAB group function, such as a seasonal event or a group playdate!


*If you were personally invited by the Moderator of MAD-NAB, you may skip Step 1 & Step 2. You will automatically be approved as an Active Member.

*If you were personally invited by an Active Member, you may skip Step 1 & Step 2.INSTEAD, please ask the Active Member who invited you to submit a reference to the Moderator, personally referring you to the group. Once this is received, you will be approved as an Active Member.

***Regardless of the Guidelines, everyone please complete a thorough profile on this site so that other Members can clearly review your information & get to know you!

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