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Fort Belvoir Parents

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Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 22060
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Starting a new co op for parent's living on Fort Belvoir. This is my first time doing this, so input is welcome, and we will all do our best to get things going properly :)


You are eligible to join the co op if you are located on Fort Belvoir (including Woodlawn area). Please let me know if you have orders to leave soon, or know that you will be leaving within the next 3-6 months as you will be asked to do a sit before asking for one. This will ensure that everyone is using the system fairly.

If you do not live on Fort Belvoir, please let me know your exact location as we will have to make a determination on how to handle the boundaries of the co op.

How to Join

Please register with the website and send a join request to the moderator. Please include your location in the request. At this time, there is no formal process to go through, but if the members would like to create a formal process (meeting a certain number of members, house visits, group meeting, vote, etc), we may do so. Once we reach approximately 20 members, your request will not be accepted until another member leaves the group or it is voted upon to continue growing the group.

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