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Co-Op Service: for parents who are in need of such service without forking out any money. Our mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for our kids to be in while moms are out and about (i.e. date nights, errands, break). I am going to be using a point system. No money will be exchange, just points.

The way it will work is as follows: an hour of sitting gives the sitter 1 point per child. (So if you babysit 3 kids for 2 hours, then you earn 6 points = 6 hrs available to trade). Everyone starts out with 10 points and can earn additional by sitting another member's children.

Note: The max number of hrs to babysit a child will be 3 hours, per day for entire family. For example, if you need to have "X" number of kids babysat, then the max number of hrs the sitter can take them for is 3 hrs, unless a negotiation is agreed upon between parent & sitter.

Please be mindful of drop-off and pick-up times. Three late pick-ups will result in 5 point penalty.


This co-op is open to all children, any ages. No more than 3 kids dropped off at a time, unless negotiated with sitter beforehand.

Please make sure to allow at least 48 hr notice, so that we can accommodate your request. If you can provide us with a longer date, as in, you know you are going to need a sitter in 2 weeks, please send request 2 weeks ahead.

How to Join

We will host a monthly meet & greet gathering somewhere in Hampton, VA. You MUST attend one before requesting babysitting service.

You will be required to do an Identity Check along with a Background Check (Sex/Criminal). You can do so for free, at WWW.TALENTSHIELD.COM . Please upload your Talent Shield profile URL to your Sitting Around profile.

Once you submit your request, you must state how many kids you need babysitting and their ages. You must notify the babysitter of any medications, allergies or conditions or any pertinent information for your child. You must provide a carseat, if sitter decides to take kids out for a ride, i.e. playground etc. You will be required to provide the basics like emergency contact, time of drop off and pick up, etc.

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