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Woodbridge Babysitting Swap

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Zip Code 22191
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We as parents all love our children - but socializing is important to young developing minds - and it's also nice to be able to go shopping or on a date night with your love leaving the kids behind with someone you trust.

This is what the Woodbridge Babysitting Swap is all about! Making connections to find trustworthy childcare so your children can 1. have playdates 2. you can run errands or do some work without the kids 3. simply return the favor instead of paying sitter 10-15 an hour for sitting at home watching your tv and eating your food :)


Ideally, the members of this coop live within the Woodbridge area OR work / play in this area.

Everyone is welcome - This is for children of all ages and any parent can participate - if you have 1 or 8! It will all work out and everyone needs time to themselves!

How to Join

Simply click to join and I will approve your membership. I would like to meet each person / child.

To remain a member of this sitting swap - you must be active within a few months and it may be required to attend a certain number of house visits, a social event, a final vote at a coop meeting, etc.

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