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Green Lake Sleepover Club

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Hi there. We've been trading Saturday nights through breakfast Sunday with another family in the neighborhood, and it's working great! There's something really special about parents with young children getting a lazy morning to themselves once and a while. And the kids have a great time playing with their friends at their sleepovers.


We'd love to have a few more families join who live close by. We're just 2 blocks from the Green Lake library.

How to Join

I'd expect new families interested in joining to meet the member parents, and introduce your kids to ours.

Note that our family has 3 children ages 2.5, 5.5, 7.5 who normally go to bed at 7:30pm. We find that sleepover nights at our house aren't very hard. It's usually dinner, a little bit of play, and then getting all the kids set for bed. In the mornings, there's a lot of play time and breakfast, and the other parents pick up around 10am.

If you have just one child, make sure that you're comfortable taking on a house full every once and a while before applying to our group.

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