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Northgate/Pinehurst/Lake City Coop

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Status Accepting New Members
Zip Code 98125
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This is a coop for those who live, work, or have regular activities in the Northgate/Pinehurst/Lake City area. I've found that it's difficult to swap childcare with those who live more than 15 minutes away - it just isn't worth it.


If you live in Northgate, Pinehurst, or Lake City and you have a relatively laid-back parenting style, then this is the group for you! We say "no" to our children when necessary, we give them a cookie every once in a while, we let them play independently without hovering, and so on. Child ages would preferably be somewhere between 1 and 4, but that is flexible if you are otherwise a good fit.

How to Join

We will all meet once the coop reaches 3 members and see if it is a good fit. Time and location TBD.

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